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Need to lift wind turbine blades? Simple.

We develop and manufacture solutions to meet your lifting requirements in the wind turbine industry, without overcomplicating products and processes.

Let’s talk

Better results, guaranteed.

No unexpected bills. Complete transparency

We don’t like surprises. Neither do you. That's why we're always transparent in everything we do, including our pricing. No secret fees. No addictional costs. No hard feelings.

Straight answers to turbulent challenges

We're here to make your life easier. Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering you easy-to-understand solutions. It might sound simple. That’s because it is. Why overcomplicate things?

Custom solutions are our speciality

We like a tough challenge. To meet your specific needs, we develop and manufacture customised lifting equipment that will take the stress out of your work.

Just what you need

Why chit chat with twenty engineers when two great minds are enough?

Perhaps you notice it, too. The never-ending reports leading nowhere but to the next meeting. The analysis and vague conclusions.

We’re challenging how the wind industry operates. We know what’s working… and what’s not. We embrace challenges but steer clear of overcomplications. We develop and manufacture custom high-end lifting equipment and always deliver as promised, at the agreed time and price point.

Get to know us

Engineered vacuum lifting equipment

“Why settle for standard when you can raise standards? “

Our approach

A simple approach to complex solutions

Specification of requirements

No job is the same. So, how can we help you specifically? We’ll start by asking you the right questions, to find out what you need.

Scope and budget

Now it's time to talk figures. We’ll scope the task and present the budget. Goodbye never-ending slide decks and specifications. Hello progress.

Design and production

Planning becomes reality. We design and produce handling equipment customised to meet your needs. Then we test it, test it again, and go to the next stage.

Delivery and installation

We assemble the equipment in your production facilities, making sure everything is in 100% working order. Once it is, it’s time for a round of high-fives!

We can’t legally disclose our clients, but let’s just say your 8-year-old knows them

Are you looking for case studies? Unfortunately, our clients would knock the wind out of us if we talked about them. We fully respect that – just like we respect the privacy of all our present, and potential clients.

Explore how we work

wind turbine lifting

Bigger isn't always better. Quality is far more important.

Most of our competitors define themselves in terms of numbers. We don’t. Instead, we look at the difference we make, because we successfully help our clients raise turbine blades. Perhaps we could help you, too?

We value your privacy – explore how