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Have the courage to encourage new and better ways

We develop and manufacture lifting equipment for the wind industry. It’s complicated stuff. But let’s try not to overcomplicate it. Agree?

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3 reasons customers keep coming back

Zero supplementary bills. Lots of transparency

We don’t like surprises. Neither do you. Therefore, we are transparent in all that we do. This includes our pricing. No secret fees. No supplementary bills. No bad feelings.

Straight answers to windy challenges

We are here to make your life easier. Therefore, we pride ourselve on offering you easy-to-understand answers. It might sound simple. That’s because it is. Why overcomplicate things?

Custom solutions are our speciality

We like a tough challenge. Perhaps you feel the same? To meet your specific needs, we develop and manufacture customised lifting equipment that will ease your workday.

Just what you need

We handle your challenges from A-Z. From the very first sketch to the final mounting. Awesome, right?

This means, we’re your solutions provider. Easy as that. You bring a challenge, headache, or dream to the table – we provide the solution. Sketching, scoping, designing, and producing. Assembling, testing, and servicing. We do it all.

Take a look at our approach

ALVAC Industry provides blade turner solutions for your windy challenges - from sketching to the final mounting.

Are you fed up with working in a world of never-ending reports, leading nowhere but to the next meeting? So are we. That’s why we don’t require 100 pages to say ’yes’ or ‘no’.

Standardised customisation

Think about the most expensive car you can imagine. Okay?

It’s standard. Standardised. Optimised. Non-customised. And it’s probably awesome.

We’re only saying this to remind us all that standard is good. Actually, it’s great. But it also has its limits.

To meet specific customer needs, we customise every solution. However, this doesn’t mean starting from scratch. We’re building upon standard processes and components.

All in all, this gives you the very best of both worlds.

See some solutions

ALVAC Industry provides you with standardised custom power grip vacuum lifters

We’re as big as you need us to be

Back in 2012, Ole Mogensen founded ALVAC Industry. If we were a person, we would now be a pre-teen in the making. Fortunately, we’re a solid and independent company packed with hand-picked grown-up specialists.

To meet specific needs, we work closely with a knowledgeable network of local partners. This gives us the flexibility and scalability to move fast and offer just what you need: high-end lifting equipment. For the right price and timeframe.

ALVAC Industry was founded by Ole Mogensen in 2012

Some call us let's-cut-the-crap kind of people. You can call us whatever you want, as long as we move forward.

If you would like to talk about your next project, we’re all ears. The first step is to fill out the form, then we’ll get back to you.

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