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We design and manufacture lifting and handling equipment – and if you ask the world’s biggest producers of wind turbine blades, they’ll say we’re pretty good at it.

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We’re into heavy stuff. You know, we like to handle big and long workpieces. Like a wind turbine blade. Would you like us to help?

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Every solution we bring to the world is unique. One-of-a-kind of magic that is customised to meet your specific needs. For example, one solution might be designed to lift 2 kilos – another one, 75 tonnes.

Below, you can take a look at some of our solutions, covering different technologies like clamping, vacuuming, placement, and turning.

Vacuum demoulding yoke

You’d think it’s too good to be true. With this yoke, you only need 2 men and 20 minutes to demould a blade.

Explore the vacuum demoulding yoke

ALVAC Industry | Blade — Vacuum demoulding yoke

Vacuum-lifting yoke for demoulding and placing precast spear caps

Enjoy fast, reliable and hassle-free demoulding and placement of precast beams with our vacuum lifting yoke. Sounds great, right?

Explore the Vacuum-lifting yoke

ALVAC Industry | Vacuum lifting yoke for demoulding and placing precast beams

C-Yoke root and lifting yoke

Do you use bolt yokes? There is a better way. Thanks to the hydraulic clamp system, rigging is done faster than ever. This saves you valuable time.

Explore the C-Yoke root and lifting yoke

ALVAC Industry | Blade — C-Yoke root end lifting yoke

Vacuum 180° rotation yoke

With this compact rotation yoke, you only need one person to demould and turn workpieces. Talk about increasing efficiency at work.

Explore the Vacuum 180° rotations yoke

ALVAC Industry | Web — Vacuum 180° rotation yoke

Turning stand

With our turning stand, you won’t need several hours and a crane to scan your spear cap for air pockets. Actually, you will be done in 1 minute.

Explore the turning stand

ALVAC Industry | Turning stand

You're busy. Here's how we can help in just 78 seconds

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Developed. Manufactured. Assembled. Delivered. Beloved

You should come to us if you want a solid solution and zero hassle. We take action from the very first drawing to the final mounting – always in close contact with you.

The result is a customised solution that will offer you safe, secure, and sound handling of heavy components in the wind industry.Would you like to learn more about how we work?

Take a look at our approach

ALVAC Industry - heavy duty suction cup lifter

Let’s engineer your solution using the right technology

Today, a wind turbine blade is often longer than a football pitch – and it’s not just the blades. All workpieces in the wind industry are getting bigger. Fortunately, we’re up for the challenge.

As you know, every turn, movement, placement or lift is a demanding challenge. Therefore, we analyse and apply the right technology to meet your needs. Perhaps clamping is the perfect fit for the task? Or maybe vacuum or magnet technology is better?

We’re solution driven – not technology driven – so you’ll get the solutions that fit your needs, not our pockets.

ALVAC Industry - Let’s engineer your stacker crane solution

Good on paper and in practice

Reliability is crucial. This applies everywhere in life, but especially when you’re lifting a wind turbine blade. That’s why we are operating according to the machinery directive and our quality management system. Take a look at our certificates below.

IQNET certification

How do you lift a 75 tonne wind turbine blade? You call us

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