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This C-Yoke speeds up the lifting of wind turbines blades

Do you spend an awful lot of time flanging a wind turbine blade with hundreds of heavy bolts? Then you’ll love our C-Yoke.

How the C-Yoke works

The C-Yoke is equipped with a hydraulic clamp system. This helps you work faster than ever. Here’s how. 

Four hydraulic clamps are easily attached to the root end of the blade. It only takes a couple of minutes – and when it’s done, you’re ready to demould the blade. Simple as that. 

To get the best out of the C-Yoke, you should use it in combination with our vacuum demoulding yoke. This way, you can really speed up the demoulding of wind turbine blades and free up manpower and cranes. 

We’ll design and manufacture the C-Yoke to meet your requirements

Why spend hours when it only has to take 20 minutes?

20 minutes. 

That’s all it takes to lift a wind turbine blade from the mould to the turning stand – when you use the C-Yoke in combination with the vacuum demoulding yoke. And you know what? You only need two employees to do the job. Ka-ching. This allows you to:  

  • Free up time for employees to perform value-creating tasks
  • Eliminate the risk of damaging the blade when demoulding it
  • Streamline processes – the mould is ready for the next blade in line – enabling you to produce more blades without investing in new moulds.

If you like doing good business, we are here to help. 

Tell me about the C-Yoke

Why spend hours when it only has to take 20 minutes?

4 clamps are as strong as 100s of bolts

Worried about safety? No need. 

Thanks to the intuitive system, you cannot get it wrong. You’ll get a green light when the four clamps are placed correctly – and only then can you lift. Long live intelligent sensor technology, right? 

4 clamps are as strong as 100’s of bolts

This is how you get a C-Yoke

Specification of requirements

No job is the same. So, how can we help you? We’ll start by asking you the right questions, to find out what you need.

Scope and budget

Now it's time to show how we can help you. We’ll scope the task and present the budget. Goodbye never-ending slide decks and specifications. Hello progress.

Design and production

Things are getting real. We design and produce handling equipment customised to meet your needs. Then we test it. And test it. And go to step 4.

Delivery and installation

We assemble the equipment in your production facilities, making sure everything is working 100%. When it does, it’s time for a round of high-fives!

You’ll find our C-Yoke at production facilities across Europe. Unfortunately, our customers would knock the wind out of us, if we go into further details. 

Are 4 clamps better than 100s of bolts?

If you are interested in saving time and money, the answer to this question is a big yes. If you are looking to reduce crane time, it’s still a big yes. Same applies if you are eager to improve productivity. It’s another big yes!

So, are 4 hydraulic clamps better than 100s of bolts? 

Yes, let’s talk

Are 4 clamps better than 100’s of bolts? Yes.

Size matters

We are constantly working on designing and manufacturing compact yokes that weigh less and can lift more. This includes our C-Yoke. 

To help you accommodate the ever-increasing dimensions of wind turbine blades, you need a C-Yoke that’s just right for your operation. So tell us what you want to achieve – and we will help you lift every heavy burden. 

Yes, let’s talk

Size matters

Are you bolted to the past? Try our C-Yoke 

It makes good business sense to replace bolts with hydraulic clamps. Fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you. 

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