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This vacuum demoulding yoke can lift any blade

With this yoke, two men can demould a blade in 20 minutes. Without damaging the blade. Pretty good, right?

Is this how you work today?

Most companies produce wind turbine blades like it’s 1999. For example, they use a sling and 8-10 employees to demould a blade. Does it sound familiar? If yes, you know it's time-consuming and the blade is often damaged in the process.

Fortunately, our vacuum demoulding yoke is here to help you work faster and smarter – just like it already helps other wind turbine manufacturers around the world.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you any customer names, as we handle every task in absolute confidence. However, we can and will tell you how the vacuum demoulding yoke works and what value it can bring to your production line. Enjoy.


How the vacuum demoulding yoke works

The yoke simplifies the demoulding of your blade and the placement in the cooling stand. Here’s how it works.

The unique hydraulic system ensures the same load on every suction cup. This is crucial. Normally, the suction cups at the centre don't really lift anything. Like your friend, pretending to help, when lifting something really heavy... Thanks to the even load, this isn’t a problem with this demoulding yoke.

And what difference does it make? Let’s take a look.

Not only does it comply with all types of wind turbine blades – it also helps you work more efficiently, saving both time and money.

When 2 employees is better than 10

With the vacuum demoulding yoke, it only takes 20 minutes to lift the wind turbine blade from the mould to the turning stand. 20 minutes. And the best part? You only need 2 employees to do the job. This offers several benefits:

  • Free up time for employees to perform value-creating tasks
  • Eliminate the risk of damaging the blade when demoulding it
  • Adjust the flexible suction cups to apply the yoke on different blade types and sizes
  • Streamline processes – the mould is ready for the next blade in line – enabling you to produce more blades without investing in new moulds.

Would you like to learn how the vacuum demoulding yoke can help you?

Let's talk

Two people is better than 10 - let's help you

We’ve delivered more than 30 vacuum demoulding yokes around the world, including: the USA, China and Denmark. Are you next?

This is how you get a customised vacuum demoulding yoke

Specification of requirements

No job is the same. So, how can we help you? We’ll start by asking you the right questions, to find out what you need.

Scope and budget

Now it's time to show how we can help you. We’ll scope the task and present the budget. Goodbye never-ending slide decks and specifications. Hello progress.

Design and production

Things are getting real. We design and produce handling equipment customised to meet your needs. Then we test it. And test it. And go to step 4.

Delivery and installation

We assemble the equipment in your production facilities, making sure everything is working 100%. When it does, it’s time for a round of high-fives!

Lift the largest wind turbine blade with a small touch

This vacuum demoulding yoke is really something special. The system is intelligent, meaning you can control the yoke with a tablet. Up and down is easier than ever. Talk about feeling like the strongest man on earth.

Additionally, every suction cup is equipped with sensors. This gives you real-time information on the yoke’s performance. If there’s a leakage – resulting in lost vacuum suction – the system will send an alarm, allowing you to easily adjust the suction to meet the required security levels. This is, obviously, all done via the tablet.

Book a meeting with a specialist

Vacuum demoulding lifter

Are you in trouble? The demoulding yoke is equipped with a Secomea module enabling you to troubleshoot better and faster.

Is it your time to save time and money?

Our vacuum demoulding yoke already lifts the mood, at companies all over the world. It can help you too. Please fill out the form and we’ll arrange a meeting where we can discuss how to customise the yoke to fit your needs.

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