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Need a better turning stand?
This is the one

You should turn to this turning stand if you’re interested in working more efficiently while improving workplace ergonomics. Are you?

Turn your back to costly cranes

First, let’s take a look at how turning stands work, the traditional way. You probably know all about it from your everyday work life.

Traditionally, you need a crane to place the spear cap and position the arms of the turning stand. This takes way too long. It commandeers a crane for hours. And it’s costly. That’s why we have developed a new and better turning stand for spear caps.


What you are about to see

Every piece of lifting equipment leaving our factory is customised to meet specific requirements. This includes our turning stand. As you probably already guessed, we cannot create a one-size-fits-all presentation of this solution, but we can show you the fundamentals of our turning stand.

How the turning stand works

The working of the turning stand is key. You only need two employees to place and turn the beam – and no cranes are needed. Operating the turning stand is so easy. Just open up the arms manually. Place the beam – e.g. using a vacuum demoulding yoke. Close the arms. Turn the beam automatically. Repeat.

Let's talk

The turning stand is easy to manage by only two people

This is how you get a turning stand

Specification of requirements

No job is the same. So, how can we help you? We’ll start by asking you the right questions, to find out what you need.

Scope and budget

Now it's time to show how we can help you. We’ll scope the task and present the budget. Goodbye never-ending slide decks and specifications. Hello progress.

Design and production

Things are getting real. We design and produce handling equipment customised to meet your needs. Then we test it. And test it. And go to step 4.

Delivery and installation

We assemble the equipment in your production facilities, making sure everything is working 100%. When it does, it’s time for a round of high-fives!

Now you can turn a spear cap in 1 minute. Has it ever been easier to scan your spear caps for air pockets? We doubt it.

Bang for the buck benefits

The turning stand offers a wide range of I-seriously-need-this benefits. Obviously, the ability to get the job done faster is vital. The fact that it’s possible with only 2 employees makes it even better. This is all about time and money, but there’s more to it.

You can adjust the length of the turning stand to fit the spear cap. This means you can use the same turning stand for different blade sizes. Another great one is the ergonomics. Employees can effortlessly open and close the arms without being worn out.

The turning stand offers a wide range of benefits

Would you like to know more?

We’re always eager to talk about solutions. However, before we start talking about specs, we need to understand your situation. What are your challenges? What are your goals? Fill out the form, and we’ll start getting to know each other.

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